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Student Poster Winners at CHPC 2015 Conference

The CHPC National Conference held from 30 November to 4 December 2015 featured 20 student researchers who demonstrated their work through posters. Thy came from various South African institutions of higher learning and across many research domain and showcased their CHPC facilitated research.  

A panel of five independent judges, experts in the fields of engineering, biomedical applications, computational chemistry and material science evaluated the posters, most of which were in one of these fields. Five evaluation criteria were used, namely: presentation, use of high performance computing (HPC), scientific merit, quality of work and insight. The judges initially evaluated each poster independently, then compared notes and made a group decision on the winners.

  1. Sesham Srinu (UCT) – HPC and Computer Science: Optimal Approximate Entropy Detection for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio
  2. Jean-Paul Fouche (CUBIC) – Health and Life Sciences: The ENIGMA-HIV working group: Association of CD4 with subcortical volume in HIV-positive adults
  3. Mofuti Mehlape (UL) – Material Science: Computational Modelling Studies of Pentladite Minerals: Atomistic Simulators Study
  4. David Tshwane (UL) – Material Science: Generation of MnO2 Nanotubes using Computer Simulation Strategy

Elumalai Pavadai (UCT) – Computational Chemistry: (IN ABSENTIA) New Human Malaria Parasite Dihydroortate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors by Pharmacophore and Structure-based Virtual Screening

Arodola Olayide (UKZN) — Health and Life Sciences: Flap Dynamics Study of Human Cathespin D in the Treatment of Breast Cancer using Multidimensional Computational Analys

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