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CHPC installs new system

CHPC users will notice that systems are currently inaccessible as has been communicated by the centre from the end of last year. At the CHPC National Conference in December 2015, the centre unveiled its new PETAFLOP (PFLOP) machine, a computer with processing speeds capable of a thousand-trillion floating point operations per second.

The installation of the new system means CHPC users can expect downtime as the current systems will be put out of commission and removed from 8 January 2016. It is estimated that the new system will be available to users from mid-March 2016, following the installation and testing phase.  

The increase in computing resources means the centre minimises the waiting time that users were subjected to, enabling CHPC to provide improved services to its growing clientele.

The new system consists of Dell servers, powered by Intel processors, using FDR InfiniBand by Mellanox and is managed by the Bright Cluster Manager. 

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