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CHPC recognised for HPC development in Mozambique

During the MoRENet (Mozambique Research Network) Conference held in Maputo, Mozambique, 10-11 December 2018, the CHPC was recognised for its contribution towards development of HPC in Mozambique. The honourable Minister of Science, Education and Technology, Prof. Jorge Nhambiu, issued the CHPC with a Certificate of Recognition received by Dr Werner Janse van Rensburg, CHPC Research Manager, at the closing ceremony of the MoRENet Conference. This recognition is a positive confirmation of the tireless efforts by CHPC Director, Dr Happy Sithole, to advance engagement with Mozambique as part of the CHPC Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Readiness program. The recognition in particular recognises a number of MoRENet engagement and collaboration events that took place in Mozambique in 2018 as part of the CHPC HPC Ecosystems Project, under leadership of Mr. Bryan Johnston. This include HPC site investigation visits, engagements with potential HPC users in Mozambique, deployment of two sets of HPC hardware (C6100 and Stampede equipment) and systems administrators training. In addition, continued collaboration with Mozambique as part of Southern African Development Commuity HPC initiatives, SKA ministerial engagements, recent initiatives for Mozambique towards European Organisation for Nuclear Research support as part of their HPC offering and the participation of Dr Janse van Rensburg as invited speaker at the MoRENet Conference, demonstrate the active engagement between the CHPC and MoRENet. The highly successful collaboration established in 2018 provides a sound basis for further growth in collaboration opportunities in 2019 between the CHPC and MoRENet.

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