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CHPC hosts first OpenSim meeting

On 8 July 2016, CHPC hosted the first ever OpenSim meeting to be held in the Western Cape. OpenSim is an informal organisation that aims to promote the use of Open Source simulation software in industry, research and academia.

“The emphasis is on computational mechanics, in the form of computational fluid dynamics and finite element methods,” says Charles Crosby, Senior Research Scientist at CHPC.

In attendance at the meeting, were representatives from CHPC, CSIR, University of Cape Town, Engys, De Beers Marine and Space Commercial Services. Delegates from the various organisations made presentations on the use of OPENFOAM, Deal-II, Open-source codes at CHPC and SU2.

“It was a particularly good networking opportunity for people working in a sector where help from others is indispensable. As agreed by delegates, more meetings of this kind can be expected in the near future,” says Charles.

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