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CHPC Researcher becomes FameLab Finalist

CHPC Materials Researcher and PhD student, Cliffton Masedi, has won the Limpopo round of the FameLab Competition for his presentation titled: “Energy Storage Technologies and High Performance Computing”. He proceeds to the national finals to be held during the National Grahamstown Sci-Fest taking place from 11-15 March 2014.

Dubbed the ‘idols’ of science, FameLab is an international competition that gets people talking frankly about science. The competition aims to provide new opportunities for scientists to develop their skills as communicators. “If you cannot, in the long run, tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless,” once said Erwin Schrodinger (Nobel Prize winner in physics).

 The competition runs in more than 25 countries with the international final in the United Kingdom. Contestants are given a maximum of three minutes in which to impress the judges. Judges will look for exciting, engaging and charismatic talks that can be understood by a public, lay (non-science) audience. “The competition consist of two presentations, the second of which is most challenging as you are given an hour to prepare it and to make it make sense to the ordinary man on the street”, said Cliffton.

Cliffton is excited about the opportunity to be the first representative from his province, “I want to show the world that we, in Limpopo can communicate our science”.

For more information on the international FameLab competition, please click here.

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