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7th CHPC/HartRAO school on programming with Linux and Python gets underway

Forty-three Masters and Doctoral students from universities across South Africa have been accepted (selected from 80 applications) to be part of the CHPC/HartRAO School on Programming with Linux and Python at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO), a radio quiet zone dedicated to astronomy and the measurement and representation of the Earth using space techniques (Geodesy).

The week-long school (16 – 21 January 2017) is dedicated to building the capacity of science and engineering students in the basics of scientific programming using Linux (Ubuntu) and Python. The students have no prior knowledge of Linux and Python scripting. 

HartRAO is the new home of one of the CHPC Sun/Dell cluster racks that has been decommissioned. It uses the infrastructure to support the African Very Long Base-line Interferometry (VLBI) project, which is part of an SKA project to build HPC in Africa. 

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