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HPC School Application

The CHPC invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to attend the 2016 HPC school. Its purpose is to introduce South African students to fundamental knowledge of high performance computing techniques.

The HPC School is aimed at recent B.Sc. (Hons) or B.Eng. graduates, and new M.Sc or Ph.D. students in the fields of computational chemistry, applied mathematics, physics, computational biology, bioinformatics, computer science, engineering or related subjects with a strong computing content.

The course will cover the concepts and theory of parallel computers, and programming for parallel systems with MPI and OpenMP, and possibly CUDA or other co-processors, using the C, Fortran or python programming languages.

Students need to have second year mathematics or applied mathematics (or equivalent) and programming experience in a high level language: C, Fortran or python.

Students who have a strong background in numerical methods and GNU Octave or Matlab (or Maple or Mathematica) or other programming (eg. Java) may also qualify.

The HPC School will run from Monday 27 June to Saturday 2 July.

There are no fees for successful applicants. The CHPC will cover the costs of accommodation during the HPC School as well as local return air travel for students from outside the Gauteng province as needed.

Eligible applicants should be registered at a South African University in 2016 or be accepted for graduate study at a South African university in 2017 ― proof of registration or acceptance must be provided including a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.

Course content will assume a reasonable background in Mathematics (at least including multivariate calculus and linear algebra) and programming ability in a high level language (C, Fortran, python, or similar) as well as 2nd year in at least one of Physics, Applied Maths, Maths, Computer Science, Statistics, or Engineering. A full academic transcript must be attached to your application.

No prior background in HPC will be assumed. Interactive lectures and computer tutorials will introduce the students to a range of key aspects of HPC and further illustrate how these tools are currently being applied to address research problems.

Transport, accommodation, and full board will be provided. Owing to budgetary constraints, only limited places are available for suitably qualified students.


5 June 2016

Should you wish to become one of the participants, please complete the application form and email the document back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the closing date. Successful candidates will be notified by 5 June 2016.

The CHPC calls for all talented students to submit their applications. As a publicly funded institution, the CHPC supports the transformation of South Africa and thus the workshop organisers highly encourage students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to submit their applications. For general enquiries please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download form in Open Office ODT format here.

Download form in Word DOC format from here.

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