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Decommissioned Cluster

Tsessebe Cluster (SUN) 2008-2016

Tsessebe served CHPC for a healthy eight years, placing 311 on the Top500 list in 2009. In 2011 the machine went through a R9 million CPU and storage upgrade that led to its announcement as number 329 on the world's Top500 supercomputers. 

This global contender has now been decommissioned by the centre and its racks are being shared amongst South African universities, science centres and research institutions. 

System Name Sun Hapertown Sun Nehalem Sun Westmere Dell Westmere SMP (M9000-64)
CPU Intel Xeon Processor Intel Nehalem Processor Intel Westmere Processor Intel Westmere Processor Sparc Processor

CPU Clock

3.0 GHz 2.93 GHz 2.93 GHz 2.93 GHz 1.9 GHz
CPU Cores 384 2304 1152 2880 256 (512 Threads)
Memory 768 GB 3456 GB 2304 GB 8640 GB 2048 GB
Peak Performance 3 TFlops 24 TFlops 13.5 TFlops 37.1 TFlops 2 TFlops
Linpack Performance - 61.5 TFlops 61.5 TFlops 61.5 TFlops -
Interconnect Jupiter Connector QDR Infiniband Network QDR Infiniband Network QDR Infiniband Network QDR Infiniband Network
Sun Shared Storage 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 5.3 TB XFS
Launch date September 2009 September 2009 September 2011 October 2011 September 2009


An overview of the Sun Hybrid System


Sun Shared Storage

  • Dual Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors.
  • 48 integrated SATA disk drives onboard.
  • 10 X 4540 each with 48TB of storage.
  • Total of  1PB of storage.
  • Storage is provided with Lustre as a system.
  • Storage is connected to the QDR Infiniband switch.

Sun Visualization

  • Sun visualization software includes ParaView, Open Scene Graph and Chromium.
  • Shared software provide VirtualGL, Virtual Network. Computing(TurboVNC) and Sun N1Grid Engine.
  • High-Performance graphics accelerator NVIDIA Quadro Plex
  • Sun Fire X4600 server.