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Computational space physics

This project constructs, links and expands numerical models to simulate the transport and acceleration of charged particles (cosmic rays) from their creation in the Galaxy to their arrival on Earth. Calculations are required for the acceleration of these particles at astrophysical shocks in supernova remnants, their propagation in the Galaxy, and the transport in our local turbulent astrosphere (the heliosphere).

The emphasis is on particle propagation, the study of the formation, flow profiles, magnetic field and geometry of super nova remnants and the heliosphere itself. These simulations will help to test different theories, and to explain recent measurements from various spacecraft and large telescopes such as the H.E.S.S. gamma-ray telescope in Namibia.

The end results will be applicable to studies of the influence of cosmic rays and space climate on the climatic environment of the Earth, to long duration missions to Mars, and to working environments on the Moon and Mars.


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