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CHPC industry engagement meeting

In March, the CHPC met with 36 users from a number of private and public sector institutions to discuss their experiences withthe centre and how the centre can improve its service offering. The meeting was held at the CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria. 

The format of the meeting included active users providing a brief presentations on their experiences with the CHPC.  Presentations were given by: SA Weather Service, ESKOM, Mintek, Inqaba Biotec, Roche, Johnson Matthey, eScience, NECSA, PetroSA, the National Nuclear Regulator and the Agricultural Research Council.  These talks provided both current and prospective users the opportunity to develop a better understanding of what was involved in making productive use of the CHPC’s resources in non-academic environments. 

The presentations generally reflected a high degree of satisfaction with the performance of the Lengau cluster, as well as with the quality of support.  During group discussions, a data security concern was highlighted as an obstacle to more widespread commercial use of the centre's resources. Nevertheless, it was evident that there was substantial growth in interest in large-scale modelling, simulation and data analysis for non-academic purposes. 

The next industry engagement meeting will take place during the 2017 edition of the annual CHPC user conference to be held in Pretoria in December.

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Lengau: a fully-fledged petascale system

CHPC’s Lengau Cluster is now a fully-fledged petascale machine with a High Performance Linpack score of 1.029 petaflops per second.

This follows a recent upgrade of the cluster which involved the addition of five new compute racks (each consisting of 72 nodes), effectively resulting in an additional 360 nodes (24 cores/node and 64GB/node) for Lengau.  The total number of nodes on Lengau is now 1368 and it has a total core count 32 832 cores.  The full total of 19 compute racks of Lengau is now available to users.  

With this upgrade Lengau becomes the first petascale compute cluster on the African continent.

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Planned system downtime

The planned upgrade to the Lengau compute cluster is currently well underway.


Preparation for this upgrade started at the beginning of January and the aim is to add add five additional racks, i.e. 360 nodes, to Lengau. This is part of the original procurement plan for Lengau and represents the second stage expansion that will yield the full petaflop capacity of the machine. Integration of these additional racks to Lengau require downtime of the cluster from 17 February to 7 March 2017, i.e. the cluster will be made available to users again on the 7th of March 2017. 



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7th CHPC/HartRAO school on programming with Linux and Python gets underway

Forty-three Masters and Doctoral students from universities across South Africa have been accepted (selected from 80 applications) to be part of the CHPC/HartRAO School on Programming with Linux and Python at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO), a radio quiet zone dedicated to astronomy and the measurement and representation of the Earth using space techniques (Geodesy).

The week-long school (16 - 21 January 2017) is dedicated to building the capacity of science and engineering students in the basics of scientific programming using Linux (Ubuntu) and Python. The students have no prior knowledge of Linux and Python scripting. 

HartRAO is the new home of one of the CHPC Sun/Dell cluster racks that has been decommissioned. It uses the infrastructure to support the African Very Long Base-line Interferometry (VLBI) project, which is part of an SKA project to build HPC in Africa. 

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