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SOUTH AFRICA - Open call for applications for HPC Ecosystems Equipment

The HPC Ecosystems Project is responsible for the distribution and deployment of decommissioned HPC hardware as mid-tier systems to research institutions within Africa.
The current focus of the Project is to support HPC development in the SKA-partner countries across Africa through enabling computational research initiatives and developing human capital in HPC.
The HPC Ecosystems Project currently has computing resources available for distribution within South Africa. We would like to invite all interested Institutions of Higher Learning, Research Units, Training Facilities, etc. within the borders of South Africa to submit an application for consideration for the HPC equipment currently available.
The application documents are available at the following link:
Please note that this particular call is limited to South Africa and that there will be further calls for applications from partner countries in the very near future. Quantities of current equipment are limited and all applications will be evaluated using the same criteria.
Please note, for an application to be considered:
-The application must be submitted in PDF format and completed by using either a PDF editor or by selecting the 'editable' PDF file from the link above.
-The subject must include the words "Application for HPC Equipment 2018-02" in order to be filtered correctly.
-The closing date is Wednesday, 28 February 2018. Any applications received after this date will not be eligible for consideration.
UPDATE: There have been several enquiries relating to the specifications of the equipment, please refer to this URL for this information.

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