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CHEM0808: 2016-01-23 — 2018-04-20

Tony Stark

My research interest is mainly focused on applying a range of computational chemistry approaches for structure-based design. CHPC is beneficial to my research members to increase their research output and publications and graduation. My research members use commercial software packages such as Materials Studio,Gaussian and Amber. All these commercial software packages are installed in CHPC.

The progress of group members is significant. 15 publications from 2016-2018, several manuscript are under review and few under submission.

CPU Hours:
10601889/13700000 CPU hours

1. Receiving NRF Y-rated award
2. Secured several grants including NRF-Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration (KIC) award in 2016, and 2017.
3. Graduated 6 MSc students 2 PhD students
4. Published 15 articles

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