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Vacancies and Tenders

CHPC currently has one vacancy:

  1. Post Doctoral Researcher: Astronomy and High Performance Computing

The following call for nominations is open:

Nominations for the Bioinformatics Service Platform (BSP) Committees: Steering Committee, Education and Training Committee and Services and Support Committee

The Department of Science and technology (DST) has invested in a National Bioinformatics Service Platform (BSP) with the aim of providing a range of user-centred and well-coordinated computational bioinformatics services to the South African biotechnology industry and life science researchers. The BSP service shall encompass access to bioinformatics expertise, computational infrastructure, human capital development activities and research partnership opportunities.

The BSP would like to call for nomination for the above-stated committee members. The candidate must exhibit a firm understanding of the needs of bioinformatics services and/or training to non-bioinformaticists and clearly demonstrate at least 5 years of experience in one or more of the following criteria:
•    Provisioning of high-end computational bioinformatics services,
•    Deploying and/or developing computational bioinformatics tools,
•    Implementing comprehensive bioinformatics education programs,
•    Engaging in life sciences and/or biomedical research that are critically dependent on the bioinformatics service.

(1) Steering Committee
The BSP steering committee will be appointed by DST based on a nomination process. Committee composition will take into consideration ethnicity, gender and geographical representation. Members will serve a term of up to 3 years on a committee, with one third of the group rotating each year (i.e. for the first committee, some members may only serve one or two years). Outgoing members within the first two years can put themselves forward for re-election, but cannot serve for longer than three years at a time. Members should include representatives from various stakeholder communities, including bioinformatics users, bioinformatics service providers and commercial enterprises providing or requiring bioinformatics support.
This committee will provide high level oversight of the platform and the service manager's activities, and will meet quarterly.

(2) Education and Training Committee and Services and Support Committee
These two advisory committees will meet regularly to develop the strategic direction of the platform under these two activities. The services coordinator will be involved in these meetings and will be responsible for implementing these strategies. The chair of each of these committees will sit on the steering committee.

Education and Training Committee will provide:
•    coordination and planning of bioinformatics training for different stakeholders
•    guidance on bioinformatics education activities
•    coordination and planning of bioinformatics events

Services and Support Committee will provide:
•    guidance on service models
•    guidance on support needs
•    advice on infrastructure development (equipment)

Please kindly express your interest in joining one or more of these committees by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your CV.
The closing date for nominations of all above committees is 17 April 2014.

To view CSIR-wide vacancies please click here.


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