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Upcoming workshops

CHPC Winter School

Provisional Dates:  28 June 2015 -  4 July 2015
Venue: TBA
  • Introduction to Supercomputer Architectures and High Performance Computing
  • Parallel Programming on Shared Memory Systems with OpenMP
  • Parallel Programming on Clusters with MPI
  • Accelerating HPC with Co-processors (GPU/Phi)
*Registrations will open in April 2015*

UCT GPGPU 2015 Worskshop: Computing with CUDA

This workshop is aimed at programmers with experience in C/C++ coding, who would like to explore Nvidia CUDA programming for graphics processing units. The workshop is offered as part of the UCT Computer Science Hounours Programme, but is open to other participants.

For more info, click here.

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CHPC Student Cluster Competition 2014

Documentation for users:

Tsessebe Cluster Available

Graphical Processing Unit Cluster Available

CHPC SAGrid Cluster Available

Dirisa Storage Unit Available

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