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iQudu Cluster (e1350 IBM Linux cluster)

System Name iQudu
Manufacturer/ Model IBM e1350 Cluster
CPU AMD Opteron
CPU Clock 2.6 GHz (each node)
CPU Cores 640
Memory 16GB (each node)
Peak Performance 2.5 TFlops
Linpack Performance 2.5 TFlops
Interconnect Ethernet and Infiniband Network
Storage (formatted capacity) 44 TB (Multi-cluster)
Launch date 2007


iQudu Hardware

The cluster platform, aptly called "iQudu" (isiXhosa for Kudu), symbolises the agility, speed and size of the cluster.

Each node is equipped with two dual-core AMD Opteron 2.6GHz Rev. F processors (640 CPUs in total at approximately 2.5 Teraflops/s peak performance) and 16GB of memory.

The nodes are interconnected with the shared-file system of the SAN, accessed over the Infiniband 4X SDR 10 GB cluster via HTX from Voltaire and PathScale.

Eight of the cluster nodes are equipped with ClearSpeed accelerator cards.

In addition to local hard disks, all nodes have access to a shared storage system with a capacity of 44TB via a General Parallel File System (GPFS).














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