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Blue Gene/P

System Name Blue Gene/P
Manufacturer/ Model IBM Blue Gene/P
CPU Power PC
CPU Clock 850 MHz
CPU Cores 4096
Memory 2048
Peak Performance 14 TFlops
Linpack Performance 11.5 TFlops
Interconnect Blue Gene Tree/Torus
Storage (formatted capacity) 50 TB (Multi-cluster)
Launch date October 2008


Blue Gene/P Hardware


As part of IBM's Global Innovation Outlook and the IBM-CHPC partnership, the CHPC hosts a rack of Blue Gene (BG4A) donated by IBM (Blue Gene for Africa project).

The Blue GeneĀ®/P system is capable of 14 trillion individual calculations per second, and is five times more powerful than the second-fastest research computer on the African continent (in Egypt). The Blue GeneĀ®/P provides 1024 compute nodes, each with four fully cache-coherent cores and 2GB RAM. The cores run at 850MHz.

These nodes provide three modes of operation for jobs:

  • SMP - a single MPI task with support for four threads
  • Dual - two MPI tasks with support for two threads each
  • Virtual Node - four MPI tasks


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