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HPC Systems / Resources at the CHPC


Tsessebe Cluster


GPU Cluster

Consists of 3200 cores connected to the 480 Terabytes of storage.
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Consists of 5 compute nodes connected to 14 Terabytes of storage
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"Infrastructure is a critical success factor in research, and the ability of our scientists to perform cutting-edge research and to be competitive globally is linked to the availability of good state-of-the-art infrastructure for science and technology."

Min. of Science and Technology, Budget vote, 7 April 2005

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CHPC User policy

Please note: The CHPC must have a signed copy of this form on file for every user.

Please download the

CHPC User Policy here.
CHPC Quota Policy here.
CHPC BackUp and Archive Policy here.



The following is a list of general computer use policies and security rules that apply to all users of CHPC resources. Further information on CHPC security policies and practices can be found at CHPC Security.

User Accountability

Users are accountable for their actions and may be held accountable to applicable administrative or legal sanctions.

Resource Use

Computers, software, and communications systems provided by CHPC are to be used only for work sanctioned by the Scientific Advisory Committee and CHPC Management. Use of CHPC resources to store, manipulate, or remotely access any national security information is prohibited. The use of CHPC resources for personal or non-research-related activity is prohibited. CHPC systems are provided to our users without any warranty. CHPC will not be held liable in the event of any system failure or loss of data.

Software Use

All software used on CHPC computers must be appropriately acquired and used according to the appropriate licensing. Possession, use or transmission of illegally obtained software is prohibited. Likewise, users shall not copy, store or transfer copyrighted software or data, except as permitted by the owner of the copyright.

Passwords and Usernames

A user identifier known as a username and password are required of all users. All passwords must conform to CHPC guidelines. The new password requirement are as follow:-

  • 1.     Minimum Length - 10 characters
  • 2.     Do not use a word found in a dictionary
  • 3.     Do not use your name, username, institution or other easily guessable information
  • 4.     Minimum complexity - No dictionary words included. Passwords should use three of four of the following four types of characters:
  • ·   Lowercase
  • ·   Uppercase
  • ·   Numbers
  • ·   Special characters such as !@#$%^&*(){}[]
  • 5.     Account lockout threshold - 3 failed login attempts



Users must notify CHPC immediately when they become aware that any of the accounts used to access CHPC have been compromised. Users should promptly inform CHPC of any changes in their contact information.

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Unauthorised Access

Users are prohibited from attempting to receive unintended messages or access information by unauthorized means, such as imitating another system, impersonating another user or other person, misuse of legal user credentials (usernames, passwords, etc.), or by causing some system component to function incorrectly.

Altering Authorised Access

Users are prohibited from changing or circumventing access controls to allow themselves or others to perform actions outside their authorized privileges.

Reconstruction of Information or Software

Users are not allowed to reconstruct or recreate information or software for which they are not authorized.

Data Modification or Destruction

Users are prohibited from taking unauthorized actions to intentionally modify or delete information or programs.

Malicious Software

Users must not intentionally introduce or use malicious software such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, or worms.

Denial of Service Actions

Users may not deliberately interfere with other users accessing CHPC or other system resources.

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Data Retention

CHPC reserves the right to remove any data at any time and/or transfer data to other individuals working on the same or similar project once a user account is deleted or a person no longer has a business association with CHPC. This will be done in consultation with the leader of the project, in case there might be IP issues associated with the project, as stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement between the CHPC and Project’s Institution or Organization.

Account Usage

Users are not allowed to share their accounts with others.

Monitoring and Privacy

Users have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy. CHPC retains the right to monitor the content of all activities on CHPC systems and networks and access any computer files without prior knowledge or consent of users, senders or recipients. This exercise will be done responsibly considering the confidentiality of the information. CHPC may retain copies of any network traffic, computer files or messages indefinitely without prior knowledge or consent. CHPC personnel and users are required to address, safeguard against and report misuse, abuse and criminal activities. Misuse of CHPC resources can lead to temporary or permanent disabling of accounts, loss of allocations, and administrative or legal actions.


Acronyms Description of meaning SAC Scientific Advisory Committee CHPC Centre for High Performance Computing ICT Information and Communication Technology TEI Tertiary Education Institution S&T Science and Technology IP Intellectual Property DST Department of Science and Technology.

Ownership and Responsibilities

The Technical Operations Manager will be responsible for updating this document from time to time if required, and also for the implementation and the management of compliance issues associated with this document.


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HPC Systems and Technical Support

High performance computing is fundamental to the advancement of research, development and innovation in a wide range of scientific and engineering research and design fields.

The CHPC enables scientific and engineering progress in South Africa by providing world-class high performance computing facilities and resources.

Tsessebe Cluster    



To apply for the use of high performance computing facilities at the CHPC please use our application form.

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CHPC National meeting 2011

15 June 2011

Dear colleagues,

The Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) invites you to attend its 2011 National Conference themed: Better HPC and data-curation adoption, better research and industrial development.

CHPC 2011 will be held from 7–9 December 2011 at the CSIR International Convention Centre (ICC), in Pretoria.

The CHPC is one of the major pillars of the Department of Science and Technology’s cyberinfrastructure initiative and aims to increase South Africa’s competitiveness through promoting the adoption of high performance computing (HPC) and data technology tools across all sectors. With this vision in mind, the CHPC endeavours to promote a multi-array of vibrant and productive computational research communities alongside experientialists.

CHPC 2011 aims to explore the contributions and expectations of policy makers, research communities, information communications vendors, industry and academia through a series of contributed and invited papers, presentations and open discussion forums. Both local and international stakeholders and key players will have the opportunity to harness synergies in an effort to promote and appreciate the role of cyberinfrastructure in the advancement of science and engineering in South Africa.

The conference will contain numerous domain-specific breakaway sessions and will be followed by advanced tutorials in high-level HPC tools and applications.


Launch of conference website: 18 July 2011

Opening of registrations: 18 July 2011

Opening call for contributions: 18 July 2011

PLEASE NOTE: Contributions include papers, posters and exhibitions.

For more information, e-mail:

    Noxolo Moyake
    Communications Strategist, CHPC
  Nox contact email address

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