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The CHPC's Research and Human Capital Development Division's mission is to enable world-class research through promoting and facilitating the use of computational technologies and techniques amongst researchers.

The CHPC seeks to advance scientific boundaries and foster innovation through effective partnership and through the training of a new generation of computationally skilled researchers in areas underpinned by high end computing, particularly those of national and continental strategic importance, to the benefit of basic and applied research in the public and private sectors.

General Users

The CHPC encourages general users from all research domains to make use of the CHPC computational resources. Please go to the support page for more information or apply for resources.

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GPU Cluster

System Name GPU Cluster
Manufacturer/ Model SuperMicro
CPU Intel Xeon
CPU Clock 2.4 GHz
CPU Cores 96
GPU's 22
Memory 24GB
Peak Performance 12 TFlops
Linpack Performance 16 TFlops
Interconnect Gig/Infiniband
Storage (formatted capacity) 14 TB
Launch date 2010


GPU Hardware

The GPU Cluster consist of 5 compute nodes and 9 storage nodes which achieves a performance of 16TFLOPS. Each node entails 4 Tesla GPU's, 2x Intel Nehalem X5550 CPU's, 6x Supermicro 4GB DDR3-1066ECC REGISTER, 1x 250 SATA Enterprise Level Hard Drive.

Two types of Nvidia Teslas: C1060 and C2070








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Tsessebe Cluster (SUN)


System Name Sun Hapertown Sun Nehalem Sun Westmere Dell Westmere SMP (M9000-64)
CPU Intel Xeon Processor Intel Nehalem Processor Intel Westmere Processor Intel Westmere Processor Sparc Processor

CPU Clock

3.0 GHz 2.93 GHz 2.93 GHz 2.93 GHz 1.9 GHz
CPU Cores 384 2304 1152 2880 256 (512 Threads)
Memory 768 GB 3456 GB 2304 GB 8640 GB 2048 GB
Peak Performance 3 TFlops 24 TFlops 13.5 TFlops 37.1 TFlops 2 TFlops
Linpack Performance - 61.5 TFlops 61.5 TFlops 61.5 TFlops -
Interconnect Jupiter Connector QDR Infiniband Network QDR Infiniband Network QDR Infiniband Network QDR Infiniband Network
Sun Shared Storage 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 480 TB (Multi-cluster) 5.3 TB XFS
Launch date September 2009 September 2009 September 2011 October 2011 September 2009


An overview of the Sun Hybrid System


Sun Shared Storage

  • Dual Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors.
  • 48 integrated SATA disk drives onboard.
  • 10 X 4540 each with 48TB of storage.
  • Total of  1PB of storage.
  • Storage is provided with Lustre as a system.
  • Storage is connected to the QDR Infiniband switch.

Sun Visualization

  • Sun visualization software includes ParaView, Open Scene Graph and Chromium.
  • Shared software provide VirtualGL, Virtual Network. Computing(TurboVNC) and Sun N1Grid Engine.
  • High-Performance graphics accelerator NVIDIA Quadro Plex
  • Sun Fire X4600 server.

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Resources old

HPC Systems / Resources at the CHPC

Sun Microsystems

Consists of 3200 cores connected to the 480 Terabytes of storage.
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Blue Gene/P

Contains 1024 compute nodes + 16 IO nodes which makes approximately 13.6 TeraFlops/s.

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Consists of 160 compute nodes + 3 storage nodes + 1 back-up node connected to 94 Terabytes of storage.
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Consists of 5 compute nodes connected to 14 Terabytes of storage
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"Infrastructure is a critical success factor in research, and the ability of our scientists to perform cutting-edge research and to be competitive globally is linked to the availability of good state-of-the-art infrastructure for science and technology."

Min. of Science and Technology, Budget vote, 7 April 2005

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