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The CHPC offers a broad spectrum of educational courses to meet the needs of users, including the following:

  • Users' induction course
  • Cluster-building course
  • Introduction to Linux and scripting for scientists
  • Hardware and software development

The CHPC has an education and outreach programme to create a public awareness of the role of computational science, particularly high-performance computing in everyday life, and also to promote computational science in schools and at tertiary institutions and promote careers in computational science and engineering.

The majority of CHPC Staff in the Research and HCD Department have taught formal modules or presented advanced courses at tertiary educational institutions (TEIs). The CHPC encourages TEIs to create and offer formal courses and degrees relevant to the context of high-performance computing: computer applications and advanced computer engineering.

CHPC Training

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HPC School


HPC Winter School 2013

The 2013 HPC Winter School took place from 1 to 6 July at the University of Johannesburg. 

The HPC Winter School is the CHPC's flagship course in parallel programming for high performance computing covering:

  • Introduction to high performance computing hardware, systems and techniques
  • Multi-core programming with OpenMP
  • Using message passing (MPI) on cluster super computers
  • GPUs as high performance co-processors
  • Rapid prototyping for HPC with python

Assessors are currently parking papers and will update on this site regarding the performance of this year's attendees.


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