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CHPC Forums

The centre currently has two major forums: The Industrual Advisory Council and the SADC HPC Partnership.


Industrial Advisory Council

CHPC has held an Industry Advisory Forum during its National Annual Meeting (held in the first week of December), for the past few years, to understand the opportunities that high-end computing offers to industry. The Industrial Advisory Council is an opportunity for input from and feedback to industry and to provide guidance to industry on international best practices in compute optimization, data management, connectivity, algorithm and software improvements, cybersecurity, hardware and software horizons, etc. 

 The centre has robust and expanding engagements with South African industry through the use of high-end computing for economic competitiveness, innovation, and productivity.  Since 2009, CHPC has actively cultivated relationships with companies such as Sasol, PetroSA, DeBeers, Eskom, Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd, KAPA Biosystems, and SMMEs to make CHPC's high-end compute capabilities accessible. As a national supercomputing facility, the centre is committed to increasing industrial research activity as part of building the ecosystem between academia and industry. The success of this outreach was highlighted in the 2013 CHPC National Annual meeting in Cape Town. 


SADC HPC Partnership

SADC senior officials responsible for  Science, Technology and Innovation mandated South Africa to lead the High Performance Computing (HPC) initiative for the region. The South African government, through its Department of Science and Technology developed a framework to guide the implementation and roll-out of High Performance Computing (HPC) initiatives of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The main focus of this framework is to provide guidelines which will assist member states in crafting their own national HPC policies. The framework will be utilised as template to encourage policy formulation by member states and is not as policy in and of itself. The framework was presented during the SADC HPC Partnership Forum which was held on 2nd and 3rd December 2013, in Cape Town, South Africa where some resolutions were made and task teams were formed.


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The standard allocation of resources to CHPC users is 1TB of storage and 128 concurrent cores. If you have an HPC application that requires more storage or cores you need to apply at least two weeks in advance for an increase of these limits.

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